Tim trenera Di Francesca

Tim trenera Di Francesca

Tim trenera Di Francesca nekoliko igrača koji imaju poseban odnos sa Juventus i Torino će biti protiv zvijezde žele pokazati. More »


Ceferin criticized the increase in the Champions League positions for the elite leagues

UEFA President-designate Aleksandar Ceferin has criticized the guarantee of 16 seats in the Champions League for clubs from the four most powerful leagues. It is a matter of course that it was a secret deal that he did not remember.

The match in Hamburg is special for me, admitted Gebre Selassie

Czech representative Theodor Gebre Selassie has more motivation for Saturday’s qualifying match in Germany. He has been dressing for Bremen for four years, so he wants to play against the world champions. And because the game takes place in Hamburg,

A quiver drowned in tears: It will hurt for a long time

LONDON – The “flagship” of Slovak speed canoeing – four-legged Peter Gelle, Martin Jankovec, Erik Vlcek and Juraj Tarr did not play in the 1000-m final at XXX. Olympiads of expectation and did not hit the medal. Although 150 m

Os jogadores de handball ŠKP sucumbiram a Topolcany, Košice e Pezink

BRATISLAVA – Resumo dos resultados da terceira rodada de homenagem do sábado de Extraliga dos homens: HK Topoľčany – ŠKP Bratislava 30:21 (14:11) A maioria dos golos: Valent 7, Masaryk 6, Polakovic 5 – M. Volentics e Macháč po 4,

Zuzana Kucova was troubled by Dulka, she did not succeed

MELBOURNE, Jan. 19 (SITA) – Slovak tennis player Zuzana Kučová did not play in her premiere in the main singles competition at the Australian Open in Melbourne. Twenty-two-year-old Bratislavčanka, in the first round of the match, lost the same unsubstantiated

Without goals. And memories of the fall of Olomouc footballers come alive again

For a more active Hanaka, it is a painful loss of two points. Competitors in the struggle for rescue, Bohemka and Jihlava, have won. All three of them ranked after the 14th round at only 12 points. Fourteenth Sigma is

Mešanovič was given a pre-Christmas task. Home must come shaved

His mom was also interested in those who cared about his crop. He regularly watches on the Internet from Bosnia and Herzegovina as he is doing a 25-year-old son in the Highlands. Personally, they have not seen him for half

The legendary Fetisov visited the Slovnaft hockey arena: These are his impressions

BRATISLAVA – In the afternoon of Wednesday, the main representatives of the Slovak participant of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) HC Slovan Bratislava welcomed one of the best defenders of the ice hockey history of Viačeslav Fetisov in his home

Lipták has several alternatives on Saturday

BRATISLAVA – One of the most prominent features of cross-country tennis teams is the possibility of using different tactical variants to build a team and deploy players for individual meetings. Captains and new representatives of women SR Matej Lipt &

The third triumph of Björgenová, Procházková markedly lagged for 5 km

KUUSAMO – Norwegian Marit Björgen became the winner of the second stage of the three-part “minitour” in Nordic Opening in Finnish Kuusame. In the third season of the season, it has betting offer achieved the third triumph of the Nordic